Welcome to Communications 4533, the Media Editing class. In this class, students take the leap from “information gatherer” to “information presenter.” Students will learn the basics of news editing and news decision-making in a variety of situations/exercises. They will learn how these concepts apply to all forms of communication. Emphasis is on the print media, but the class will point out the growing move toward a convergence of skills. The course will initially focus on headline writing and then move to story editing, including AP style. Students will also learn the basics of cut line writing and photo selection. The difficulty of the stories will increase as the semester progresses. Also during the semester, the students will be given current events quizzes and be asked to do an analysis of a newspaper/magazine/Web site as a long-term project. Discussion topics will include libel, newsroom ethics, newsroom management and covering the “big story.” Guest speakers on various topics may appear for Q&A sessions.

I work Monday through Friday at the Chronicle (generally 3 to 11 p.m.), and I do not have regular office hours on campus.  Nevertheless, I try to make myself available to students whenever needed. Don’t be afraid of calling or e-mailing me with questions. 

Good luck this semester.

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Facts about Newspapers 2003

Guide to Associated Press Style

Newspaper Credibility Handbook

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